How To Sharpen?

Our sharpening kit ensures your chisels are primed for delicate detailing or robust carving with professional-grade results.

Begin by securing your chisel in the honing guide, ensuring it's snug and ready for action. The guide provides a consistent angle, typically 25 to 30 degrees, guaranteeing uniform sharpening across the blade—a true friend to perfectionists and novices alike.

Wet the sharpening stone, in this case, with water for better outcome, creating a lubricating surface that keeps your chisel cool and the sharpening process smooth. With a steady hand, glide the chisel along the stone, using gentle pressure and even strokes evenly across the surface of the stone to maintain the desired angle.

Rotate the chisel periodically within the honing guide to ensure uniform sharpening across the blade. Check your progress by feeling for a slight burr along the edge—it's a friendly reminder that your chisel is getting the attention it deserves.

Once the edge is sharp and refined, remove any burrs with a few passes on the stone, leaving your chisel polished and ready for action. With the combined power of an aluminum oxide sharpening stone and a honing guide, you'll find your woodworking game with great precision and finesse, all while enjoying the process like a friendly chat with an old friend.